What is a Marketing Strategist and how can it help your small business?

Strategists are people who create a marketing plan. And, as simple as that sounds, creating the right plan is where Strategists earn their money. We also happen to do the marketing bit too. Planning and execution, that's us.

Most of our clients at I.AM.Strategist were existing businesses with a plan, or at least some marketing activity, already in place.  The issue was, they didn't know if it was working and they couldn't measure if it's working.

If you knew that for every $1 of marketing spend created $2 of profit instantaneously then you'd quickly scale it up and make millions over night. If for every dollar spent it created a 10 cents loss then it's less than break-even and not worth the investment. First rule of marketing strategy - measure everything.  

Take the same scenario above, for every $1 spent on marketing a 10 cents loss is created. This might not be a bad campaign after all. In fact, the campaign may be solid but it's the revenue that's the issue. Is the point of sale optimised for maximum revenue? Are barriers to sale being overcome? Are there opportunities for re-marketing for the future? It may be that when optimising the point of sale, every $1 spent on marketing creates 50 cents of profit. Second rule of marketing strategy - optimise everything.

Because strategists have the whole picture in mind, not just the website, or the flyer or social media, they're able to get the maximum ROI from each channel.  

If you're a small business and not sure what the best marketing strategy is for you, shoot us through an email and we can discuss it over coffee. Third rule of marketing strategy - call to action.