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need to rethink your marketing plan?

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we act like your own in-house marketing managers but with agency clout and for a fraction of the budget

 i am strategist is a digital marketing agency. this is the logo

Marketing Plans

We take a research based approach using software and analytics to help understand which marketing channels are likely to produce the best results.

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social media

Our content producers love social media. We create compelling campaigns with great photography & meaningful copy and help build audiences & awreness across all the major platforms.

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copywriting & content

Our professional writers are expert storytellers. If you've got a great story, allow us to tell everyone about it.

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website conversions

Websites need to convert traffic. They should draw your audience in and compel them to get in contact or make that purchase. Building a successful sales funnel takes an understanding of your business, your audience and customer purchasing behaviour.

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If you think your business would benefit from having a high rank in Google then SEO is worth considering. Our strategists produce a comprehensive report before a campaign starts predicting results and timelines making it easier to measure success & progress. Read our SEO start-up guide here

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A Google Adwords campaign can be one of the fastest ways to increase leads.
We manage everything from keyword research to campaign set-up and constantly tweak it for optimal performance. 

Some of our clients...